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Join us in protecting nature!

Our Projects

We are committed to encouraging and installing Renewable Energy Systems. protecting habitats, nature and its inhabitants. Our current projects include spreading awareness about all Environment issues in Schools, Colleges, Communities (Bastis) and Housing Societies, protecting endangered species, conserving natural habitats, and promoting sustainable practices. Click here to learn more about our work and how you can help.

Save Water

Join us in protecting India’s water resources, and reservoirs and recharge the water table. Our team is working to maintain old and new water reservoirs, constructing weirs (bandharas), spreading awareness to save water and use it judiciously. Rain Water Harvesting installations are being done in all municipal and village schools to recharge the depleting water table. We support all Desilting Projects so the water reservoirs can once again be filled to their full capacity during monsoon.

Water is a basic need and we remind, campaign and work to reduce water pollution.

Think Green

We believe that preserving natural habitats is essential for protecting biodiversity and ensuring a healthy planet. Our work in and around Pune and Maharashtra includes afforestation using indigenous species, habitat restoration, and spreading awareness about the need to maintain varied habitats and effect of human impact on these habitats.


We work with students and local communities to promote sustainable practices that benefit both people and the environment. Huge campaigns and Collection Drives are organised to reduce and recycle plastic and E-waste. Our projects in Maharashtra, India focus on renewable energy, waste management and recycling E-Waste.

Spread Awareness

Our team engages with more than 200 schools, 15 Colleges and Housing Societies and Bastis to spread awareness about all Environment issues through Talks, Seminars, Drives, Events and Competitions. We motivate and mentor students and citizens to be Environment Ambassadors and save our environment through ECA - engage, communicate and act

Make a Difference

We need your help to protect nature and its inhabitants. Whether you want to volunteer, donate, or spread awareness, there are many ways to make a difference. Click here to learn more.

Join our Community

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